Nymi Review Nymi is a little bracelet that allows you to use your cardiac rhythm to identify yourself so as to access your computer, your smart phone or just your garage door. For all those who have imagined a password free world, then Nymi is making it happen. With the little bracelet, you can unlock your car, update your account, update your player information on your favorite game and replace your credit card pin numbers wherever and whenever you want. The device allows you to wirelessly take control of your privacy and other devices.

You can customize the bracelet to send alerts or notifications for new texts or emails. This ensures that you are always socially connected.

How the bracelet works

Once you clasp the bracelet on your wrist, it is powered on. When you place your finger on the sensor that is on the top side, then an electrical circuit is completed. A vibration will be felt, and LED illumination will be seen. This signifies that the Nymi bracelet has confirmed that you are indeed the owner. All the devices that you have linked to the bracelet will also acknowledge your identity. You will stay authenticated until you take off your bracelet.104 - Nymi Review

For Nymi to work, and for you to take control of your identity, you must have your Nymi, your unique heart pulse and an AAD (Authorized Authentication Device). This device can either be a smartphone or any other device that is registered with the Nymi app. With the above requirements, only you can access and control your personal information as well as your identity.

Visit the Nymi site to discover the possibilities of this nifty device.